2023ITF – Green World Double Ticket for $560 (27% Off, Original Price $760)

2023ITF – Green World Double Ticket for $560 (27% Off, Original Price $760)


Online International Travel Expo – Green World Double Ticket for $560 (27% Off, Original Price $760)
Purchase Period: November 1, 2023 (Wed) - November 10, 2023 (Fri) (Valid for use starting from 11/11)
Ticket Validity: November 11, 2023 - December 31, 2024

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Green World Ecological Farm is an ecological farm located in Beipu Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan. It opened in 2004 and covers approximately 75 hectares, with over 50 hectares preserved as natural virgin forests and beautiful lakes. The farm is built with eco-friendly architecture, ensuring a comfortable environment without the need for air conditioning. The entire area utilizes ecological techniques to recycle rainwater for sustainable use.

The farm features six main theme parks:

1. Swan Lake
2. Adventure Park
3. Aquatic Plant Park
4. Bird Ecological Park
5. Butterfly Ecological Park
6. Biodiversity Exploration Area

In addition to these, there are attractions such as the "Aplaca House," the "Animal Amphitheater," and the "Cute Animal Area." Other attractions include the Four Seasons Garden, Tropical Rainforest Skywalk, Cactus Park, Herb Garden, Green plaza, International Conference Hall, Tropical-style House, Hakka Century-Old House, and the Amazing Seed Plant Zone, among 46 other enriching sights. It is a top-tier, educational travel destination in Taiwan.

Green World has received numerous accolades, including the 1st place in the "Excellent Farm Experience Assessment". It has maintained its natural virgin forests and beautiful lakes and is known for its eco-friendly architecture that provides a comfortable environment without air conditioning. The farm has also restored many endangered indigenous Taiwanese species, such as Taiwanese Water Chestnut and Formosan Reeves's Muntjac. Scholars from both Taiwan and abroad have visited for research purposes. Green World boasts several world records, including the world's largest toucan, the mathematically talented African Grey Parrot, the giant Mekong catfish, and the largest seed, the Coco de Mer.

In addition to the many plants and animals to observe, Green World offers eco-friendly performances that allow visitors to interact closely with the ecosystem, including parrot performances, camel and llama walks, and heron feeding shows on holidays. Interested visitors can plan a knowledgeable journey on their days off, ensuring excellent value for their tickets.

Main Theme Parks within the farm:

"Swan Lake" – A natural lake incorporated into the park's design, home to swans, herons, and other waterfowl. Visitors can experience the natural ecosystem, especially during the migration of various waterfowl from Siberia around the Mid-Autumn Festival.
"Adventure Park" – Comprising ten different areas with a wide variety of rare plant species, including century-old cacti that bloom with vibrant colors, a vast collection of Taiwan's native orchids, and color-changing chameleons that adapt to their environment.
"Aquatic Plant Park" – One of Asia's largest aquatic plant parks, it hosts approximately 500 precious aquatic plants like the Taiwanese Water Chestnut, Water Shallot, and Egyptian Papyrus. During the flowering season, butterflies visit, offering a rare and beautiful sight.
"Bird Ecological Park" – A unique park simulating the natural habitats of birds. Visitors can experience the sounds and sights of hundreds of bird species flying and foraging in the park's jungle environment.
"Butterfly Ecological Park" – Home to a wide variety of butterfly species, it is one of the largest butterfly gardens in Asia. It provides insight into the fascinating life cycle of butterflies, from mating and laying eggs to pupation and emergence as adults. The park also has a natural classroom where visitors can learn about various insects and ecological explanations.
"Biodiversity Exploration Area" – A mysterious area with African pythons coiled around the entrance. It houses unique creatures such as legless lizards, piranhas, tree frogs, and geckos, offering an opportunity to explore the wonders of tropical rainforests and their ever-changing weather.

1. Kuo Kuang Motor Bus to Chutung:
Kuo Kuang Motor Bus to Chutung>Hsinchu Bus to Beipu at Chutung Terminus>Green World Stop at the 79.5km point on Provincial Highway No. 3>Shuttle bus to Park

2. Hsinchu Railway Station:
Hsinchu Railway Station>Hsinchu Bus to Chutung >Hsinchu Bus to Beipu at Chutung Terminus>Green World Stop at the 79.5km point on Provincial Highway No. 3>Shuttle bus to Park

3. THSR Hsinchu Station:
THSR Hsinchu Station>Hsinchu Bus to Cyonlin>Hsinchu Bus from Cyonlin to Chutung Terminus>Hsinchu Bus to Beipu at Chutung Terminus>Green World Stop at the 79.5km point on Provincial Highway No. 3>Shuttle bus to Park

※ Green World GPS: (Latitude 24.698624, Longitude 121.071028)

Green World Ecological Farm - Swan Lake

Bird Ecological Park

Camel & Llama House

Farm Information
Opening Hours: Weekdays and Holidays: 08:30 - 17:30 (Open Year-Round)
Service Phone: 03-5801000, Fax: 03-5801361
Address: No. 20, Lane 7, Dahulun, Beipu Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
Email: amazon.world@msa.hinet.net
Website: www.green-world.com.tw
Pets: Not allowed in the park (Pet storage available at the entrance)
WIFI Network: Available (Chunghwa Telecom Free WIFI Hotspot)

For inquiries about online travel expo tickets, please call: (02) 2365-2009 ext. 9



Green World Ecological Farm: Before entering the park, please present your product's electronic certificate (QR code) at the ticketing counter for verification by our staff.


1. Personal pets are not allowed inside the park.
2. Bicycles, scooters, or other riding equipment are not permitted inside the park.
3. The park is an open ecosystem for plants and animals, so please refrain from plucking or damaging plants, bringing insect-catching nets, or feeding park animals.
4. Open fires, barbecues, or camping activities are not permitted in the park. Tents and drones are also prohibited.
5. Please do not bring dangerous items such as knives, firearms, glassware, chemicals, toxic substances, flammable materials, etc., into the park.
6. Preserving the natural environment and landscape is our shared responsibility.

Dress Code and Equipment Recommendations:
1. The park covers a wide area with various terrains, including stairs and sloped pathways. It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes for a more pleasant visit.
2. During the summer, it is recommended to bring spare clothing, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent products.
3. In the rainy season, please bring your own umbrella, raincoat, and other rain gear.
4. In the Bird Ecological Park and Swan Lake, where bird species are abundant, don't forget to bring binoculars to observe them up close.

Refund Policy

1. Refunds will be processed according to our company's procedure, with a 3% refund handling fee deducted from each ticket. The remaining amount will be refunded to the original credit card account.
2. Tickets that have been redeemed and used are not eligible for a refund.
3. Tickets must be used by December 31, 2024. If you wish to apply for a refund, additional processing fees may apply, so please be aware of the ticket's expiration date.
※ Credit card refunds will be made based on each bank's billing cycle and may not appear on the current billing statement. You may check for the refund on the following month's credit card statement.
※ For credit card refund orders processed more than 90 days after the order's establishment, an additional manual operation may be required due to bank procedures.

2023ITF – Green World Double Ticket for $560 (27% Off, Original Price $760)

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